Cannabis (Marijuana) Addiction

 Cannabis is a psychoactive drug, which derived from cannabis plant.  Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, hash and weed, it is commonly used for recreational and medical purpose. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis. Cannabis, consumed by four main methods inhalation, oral, sublingual and topical but smoking is most common method in addicts.

Why young adults tend to use Marijuana?

Most of the young adults start smoking marijuana in peer pressure. Initially they start as an experimentation and recreational purpose, later on, they become more vulnerable of become addict of marijuana. People have misperception about marijuana they perceive it “harmless drug: as compared to other illicit drugs. Teens are inclining to use marijuana to get relaxation, to feel happy & chilled, mild euphoria and intense their senses. People use it to get relief from other mental conditions, stress, sleep problems, depression, and anxiety, concentration problems, to become more spiritual and physical pain.

Marijuana has both short term and long term effects on brain.

THC effects on many areas of brain (in yellow)


Short Term Effects:

Cannabis active ingredient TCH structure is similar to naturally found chemical anandamide in brain, which allow the body to recognize it and alter normal brain function.

  • Altered senses
  • Mood changes
  • Difficulty in thinking and problem solving
  • Impaired memory and body movements

When cannabis is overdose:

  • Psychosis
  • Hallucination
  • Delusions

Long term effects:

When cannabis is use for long period of time its affect the brain development and functions.

  • Memory and intelligence
  • Cannabis use disorder
  • Gateway drug
  • Mental illness (Acute psychosis, Mania, chronic psychosis and schizophrenia spectrum disorder)
  • Depressive disorder and Manic symptoms

Cannabis effects on human’s body.

  • Damage blood vessels
  • Lungs irritation
  • Higher risk to develop cardiovascular diseases, Stroke

 Cannabis Addiction:

When a person uses marijuana on regular basis for longer period, he may develop tolerance and dependence of marijuana and become addict. Addiction causes distress in his personal, social and occupational life and behavioral disturbances such as lying, losing interest, mood swings irritability, indecisiveness and paranoia.

Cannabis remain in the body depend upon how much quantity they used, time and person’s health. Its psychoactive ingredient THC remains in blood for shorter period of time maximum for 36hours, 3 days to a month in urine but it is fat soluble so stays in body’s fats for several weeks. Some people tested positive for THC even after 3 months of discontinuation of drug.

Most common withdrawal symptoms of cannabis are:

  • Cannabis craving
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Irritability & agitation
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Dehydration & fever

Cannabis (Marijuana) treatment at The New Life Rehabilitation Center Islamabad:

At The New Life Rehab center cannabis addiction treatment program begins with, comprehensive and thorough drug history, assessment of other co-occurring mental issues. We have customized treatment plan for every individuals, which designed by considering individual differences. Our treatment goal is not only treating immediate cannabis addiction but also addressing the underlying factors behind cannabis abuse and identifying other emotional and personal problems.

The New Life Rehab center provides a holistic and client-centered treatment that focuses on biopsychosocial model. Our team of Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist Addiction Counselor and Spiritual Healer collaborate each day how to meet and treat the unique mental health needs of each addict. We also integrate the family support in our recovery treatment plan, via weekly family meetings and family counseling to get long-term sobriety and relapse prevention.

Our mental health professionals use their specialized program, focusing on mental health, mindfulness and counseling by utilizing array of methods and activities, to rewire the brain of addict. Our physical, psychological and spiritual services include:

  • Psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), (dialectical behavioral therapy),(Psychoeducation)
  • Family therapy, resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Constant communication between family member and counselor
  • Individual counseling programs
  • Meditation, Spiritual activities
  • Anger management programming
  • Stress management programming
  • Fitness program ,gym, outdoor walks, recreational activities, group therapy
  • Relapse prevention.

To start the journey of recovery for yourself and loved ones at New Life Rehab Center, please contact us by calling 03214528124 or email us at