Motivational interviewing is a counseling technique and type of therapeutic tool that helps in patient to build motivation for substance abuse and addiction treatment. It support an individual to recognize which what changes needed within their life, build inspiration for changes and focuses on resolving ambivalence towards recovery.

Motivational interviewing is a type of motivational therapy helps the patient to recognize the problem and unhealthy behavior that have been negatively impacting individual’s life. Some individual with addiction may not believe that there is a “problem” and join treatment forcefully by families without understanding their addiction. Motivational interviewing start a process to work through behavior by different stages of changes:

  • Pre contemplation: No recognition of problem, no desire to change
  • Contemplation: Recognition of problem
  • Preparation: Thinking about changes but still have some pessimism
  • Action: Taking step to change
  • Maintenance: Continuing new behavior maintenance of change

Motivational interviewing at The New Life Rehab center:

Psychotherapist and addiction counselor at The New Life Rehab Center well trained and expert in motivational interviewing. Our trained professional utilizes motivational interviewing by integrating it with cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and many others. This approach not based on insisting on making the changes or providing the solutions of problems. Psychotherapist will guide the individual in non- judgmental way, by provoking intrinsic motivation and provides the strength to decide the changes for themselves and create plans.

Psychotherapist at The New Life Rehab Center helps the individual in willingness for modification of their addiction behavior by utilizing integrative therapy plan specified for each individual. They also helps the individual to investigate other co related problems, such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and low self-esteem that contributes to addiction and substance abuse. Our therapist adheres following five principles:

  • Reflective listening by express empathy
  • Develop discrepancy between individual values and his current behavior
  • Avoid direct confrontation and arguments
  • Adjust to client resistance
  • Support optimism and self-efficacy

One-on-One Counseling:

Our addiction counselor helps the individual on making all-inclusive treatment plan, to support the in doing self-exploration from a bio-psycho-social perspective, which is neglected in addiction. During one-on-one counseling session, individual given the opportunity to build internal motivation for positive changes in his life, express, and understand his emotion and feelings. RULE used by counselor is:

  • Resist the righting reflex
  • Understand the motivation of patient
  • Listen with empathy
  • Empower the patient

Our professional counselor uses the following patient-centered counseling strategies:

  • Listening reflectively
  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Eliciting self-motivational statements
  • Affirming
  • Summarizing

Motivational interviewing process:

Motivational interviewing process used at The New Life Rehabilitation and Psychiatric center is:

Engaging:  First, Psychotherapist/Addiction counselor builds a trust relationship and creates rapport building. Engaged the individual in a session by reflective listening and avoid direct confrontation and argument. This is the moment, when trust and confidentiality is beginning to build.

Focusing: an individual focuses on his addiction problems and develop goals within their addiction treatment.

Evoking:  Psychotherapist/ Addiction counselor will elicit self-motivational statements to help an individual in growth and change. An individual will discover himself his, goals and required changes and why he wants to make these goals. For example; what is his desire to change? Is it for himself? Is it for his family?

Planning: Psychotherapist/Addiction counselor and the individual will develop the holistic treatment plan to practice and implement the change behaviors. At The New Life Rehab and Psychiatric Center have exist plan before completing their treatment which incorporate in their daily life routine and CBT action plan for  their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The motivational interviewing is very important for individual-focused process of change. At The New life Rehab and Psychiatric Center, we strived to provide client- centered treatment, which makes motivational interviewing very useful because ultimately, individual have to decide what to do with behavior. For further information, please contact us by calling 03214528124 or email us at