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The New Life Rehab & Psychiatric Center has been a leader in the area of treating all types of additions and drug abuse treatment centers. The New Life is serving in the capital of Islamabad, Pakistan and surrounding areas like Peshawar, AJK and Murree people coming to our centers based in the capital, providing adequate services to provide recovery from substance abuse like recovery from alcoholism and drug rehabilitation besides others, around the world.

The New life Rehab Center believes that every case is different and needs unique attention, so that is why we do not offer standard solution to every one who seeks our services, we provide a comprehensive personalized drug recovery rehabilitation and other substance abuse recovery like alcohol recovery programs based on treatment of individuals through addressing their own unique circumstances and attending the particular requirements on a case to case basis. Due to this very fact we follow the workflow of not publishing the schedule of treatment on our website because with over hundreds of rehabilitation programs options. The right rehabilitation options can only be customized on an individual basis decided as per individual needs.

Enhancement in Healthcare Technology has changed the modern society’s scope of work and how the health care services are rendered without the need for or a full fledged Hospital. This is achievable, courtesy the availability of user-friendly portable and remotely accessible devices.


Technology today affects every single aspect of modern society.Technological advancements in healthcare have contributed to services being taken out of the confines of hospital walls and integrating them with user-friendly, accessible devices.


We orchestrate our services with emergency and 24 hours operation and personnel is available as per the number of patients expected. Our staff include Consultants, medical doctors, nurses, and paramedical, personnel who are available to assess the patients, with best of their abilities.


Our team of experienced professionals provide rehabilitation healthcare solution equipped with technology, services and funding and partnership to bring your project to life. Single point of contact is available to address the dispersed requirements.

We are having qualified professional staff

For the past many years our organisation have been spearheading efforts in providing the services of Best Rehabilitation Center, drug addiction treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan. We provide adequate resources for anyone close to you who might have been a victim. Our services are most relevant for addiction treatment and we provide bespoke treatment for Alcohol abuse, drug addiction and recovery from addiction is the core of our services which can be rendered anywhere in the world.

Some of other rehabilitation centres have been trying to sell high success rate from drug rehabilitation by offering one-size-fits-all alcohol alcohol recovery programs but we do not believe that this kind of efforts will work as our approach is unique and tailor for personalized drug treatment for every individual which we feel and understand the circumstances and requirements of every individual and come up with a bespoke solution, this is for the very reason that we do not publish our programs online at a website because we have over a 100 rehabilitation programs enlisted. The right option is chosen and assigned to each individual on a case to case basis.

Methodology of Our Drug Rehabilitation Services

Family support is a primary pillar in the recovery of a patient, so we work with particular attention to clients and their immediate relatives and help recover from the psychological issues of mild, average or extreme levels. Few of the prominent features are listed below, that we utilize to provide best standardized services.

Lifetime Rehabilitation Approach

Mentoring part of our life training provides and makes sure that individuals adopt the self imposed pool of strength to recover from drug abuse at our organisation.


Reduced Medicine Reliance

We build upon a psychological model on achieving rehabilitation with minimal medicinal use, thus reducing reliance on medicine only.


Practicing Proven Methods

Formed on the basis of accurate and proven results, the treatments and therapies are advised to expedite the recovery and rehabilitation processes.


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